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DSM in Automotive

Feeling the heat: Solutions for wire and cable

Automotive cables, wires and convoluted tubes often need to operate in extreme conditions. High heat resistance and thermal stability for sustained periods is a must, as is easy processing and improved productivity. Our Arnitel® TPC offers an ideal solution in all cases and is used today in a wide range of related applications.
Close-up of a male hand holding a small cable tree

Today, our Arnitel copolyester is used in cables for automotive headlamps; cables for heat in dry conditions; and convoluted tubing.

In Convoluted tubing Arnitel has excellent chemical and fatigue resistance, offering better durability and easier processing than competing products like TPU.

For class D Cables Arnitel C helps you, on the one hand, reduce weight by reducing the diameter of the copper. On the other hand this material enables you to create ultra-thin coatings. It’s all thanks to great thermal properties that offer high-heat aging performance with a continuous operating temperature rating of 175ºC for 3,000 hours.


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