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DSM in Automotive

Automotive bulbs and sockets: Lasting longer

To compete and win in today’s automotive market you need to be innovative: And thermoplastics are an excellent way to make this a reality for automotive bulbs & sockets. We can help you design next-generation systems including daytime running and LED-based technology. We can also help you optimize existing xenon and halogen systems.
Close-up of a hand holding a bulb in a socket

Traditional bulbs & sockets

For halogen-based signal lamp & daytime running light (DRL) sockets, our Stanyl® polyamide 46 is the ideal low outgassing solution.

Stanyl maintains its stiffness and strength at temperatures of up to 200°C. This high creep resistance gives manufacturers peace of mind by securing the lamp within the reflector for the lifetime of the vehicle – a critical requirement.

Using Stanyl also brings serious productivity benefits. The material offers high-speed production where, because of its inherent toughness, Stanyl can withstand high-speed assembly techniques without parts breakage and the associated costs.

Not surprising, Stanyl is now the market leader in Europe for halogen-based DRL socket systems.

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