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DSM in Automotive

Why Arnite (PET) shines in new headlamps? 

Specifying the right materials for high-performance headlamps is traditionally difficult - requiring an expensive and heavyweight blend of products to tackle problems like outgassing, heat distortion and sun glare. Not any more, thanks to our Arnite® XL-T thermoplastic, now being used in LED headlamps for the new Audi Q7…

Headlamps made of Arnite® XL-T thermoplastic

Low outgassing, heat distortion and sun glare

Arnite XL-T outperforms high-heat resistance thermoplastics like polyether sulfon (PES), polyetherimides (PEI) and polyphthalamides (PPA) with superior processing, thermal performance and water resistance – and all at a significantly reduced cost and lower weight. Good for people, planet and profit.

It’s the result of decent research coupled with years of active use in the automotive industry  – all of which has led us to design a material which in addition to its high performance, also features an outstanding surface finish even when reinforced with glass fiber – an essential requirement.

Ideal materials for LED headlamps

The new LED headlamps were produced and specified by leading OEM, the ZKW Group of Austria. When assessing materials for this important component a key consideration was the ability to avoid the complex and costly redesigns for metal inserts or additional heat shields that are traditionally required.

Arnite XL-T has a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 250 °C, which solves this problem while giving engineers a whole new world of design freedom in their headlight LED/HID module construction.