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DSM in Automotive

Stronger yet lighter: Improving crash resistance

How can you reinforce the structural strength of the vehicle without making it heavier, slower and carbon-unfriendly? The answer is Akulon® polyamide 6 from DSM. By using this unique thermoplastic for metal replacement in structural reinforcements you can achieve reliable protection while making major weight savings of more than 10kg.
Men pointing at a engineered plastic structural reinforcement

If the worst happens, both drivers and manufacturers need to know that they have the best possible protection in crash situations. In fact, we know it’s a major criteria for any consumer choosing a new car.

Structural reinforcements inserted into the car body joints are a great way to increase features like side impact resistance. Being integrated into the body itself they undergo the paint process and therefore can withstand paint-curing temperatures of up to 200°C. All of which is why Akulon - and its excellent thermal stability - is proving to be so effective.

Reliability and efficiency

Structural reinforcements need to work as specified under all conditions – for the lifetime of the vehicle. Our Akulon material is extremely strong with excellent mechanical properties (both stiffness and impact resistance).

But this is only half the story. Our research teams add real value to manufacturers through their understanding of how to model and predict the behavior of Akulon-manufactured parts when subjected to road crash conditions.

Not only can we deliver the safest possible component but also the most cost effective – through the re-engineering of processing techniques through, for example, high-flow materials that are easier to mold and design.

And of course less weight equals lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions - extremely important as regulators start to hit manufacturers who fail to meet sustainability targets where it hurts the most…in the pocket.