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DSM in Automotive

Gas tank systems

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has fast become an economically viable, low carbon footprint alternative to fossil fuels in the automotive industry – reducing carbon emissions by up to 15% compared to petrol or diesel. At DSM we are empowering manufacturers to take this innovation to the next level through lightweight, sustainable CNG tanks built from a combination of our engineering plastics…that weigh up to 70% less than current alternatives.
Akulon® Fuel Lock
  • Excellent cold temperature performance (down to -60°C)
  • CO2 emission  reduction as a result of lightweight & barrier performance
  • Compliant with NGV-2 and ECE-R110
  • The Akulon Fuel Lock  portfolio enables the use of several technologies:
    • RTM (rotational molding)
    • IM (injection molding)
    • BM (blow molding)
    • EXTR (tube extrusion)
  • Blow molding of very large lines possible for mid/heavy duty trucks or gas transport
  • Increased driving range due to higher internal volume (thinner liner walls)

Akulon Fuel Lock is a unique polyamide 6 liner material that reduces emissions by a factor of at least 150 compared to HDPE. This in turn enables the use of Type IV tanks inside the car - and now, thanks to our latest grades - for larger vehicles with tank lengths of two meters and beyond.

The barrier performance and stable processing allows the production of very thin liners. These thin liners are an advantage as these translate into less material, less weight, faster cycle time, lower costs and an increased internal volume; so a higher driving range.

Next generation recyclable CNG gas tanks

And the bright science doesn’t end there. In cooperation with our industry partners we’re already working on Type V 100% thermoplastic pressure vessels.