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DSM in Automotive

Setting the standard in high performance actuators

Lifelong, robust and cost-effective gears

No other material provides the same combination of lower system costs and high performance for automotive gears as Stanyl®. There’s no mystery about why Stanyl PA46 exhibits superior stiffness, fatigue and wear resistance in gears: it’s in the chemistry.

DSM’s engineers developed the material to have higher molecular symmetry, enabling a higher crystallinity and giving rise to several best-in-class characteristics.

Excellent characteristics

It has excellent tribological properties, lubricated or dry, especially at high PV (pressure/velocity) values where a weaker material might fail. It has high heat-resistance capability, making it an ideal replacement for acetal (POM) and PPA in applications where they might emit high ambient or interface temperatures and / or creep. It has durability over the long-haul, offering outstanding fatigue resistance, means it lasts longer under extreme temperatures or loads.

Wide range of gear markets

DSM’s technical and commercial team is dedicated to helping customers in a wide range of gear markets not limited to:

  • Motor management
  • Starter motor gears
  • Comfort gears (interior)
  • Engine gears (small petrol engine and automotive)

All this makes Stanyl the best all-round high-temperature resistant material. Please get in touch with your local expert if you can’t find what you need.