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DSM in Automotive

High performance engine gears

Stanyl® has seen more than 10 years of success in various high-loaded automotive gear applications and now it’s moving into the heart of the engine working to create more sustainable cars.  
Close-up of male hand holding a balance shaft gear in Stanyl

Extreme weight reduction

Compared to machined sintered metal or steel gears, Stanyl delivers weight, cost, and noise reductions for gears that meet the demanding requirements of today’s automotive industry.

Case studies on balance shaft gears conducted with different partners demonstrated that Stanyl delivers:

  • Weight savings of 35% to 55% while maintaining required performance levels
  • Cost savings of 25% to 30% compared to machined sintered metal gears
  • Noise reduction opportunities due to higher dampening of plastics

The right grade for you

See which type of Stanyl meets your material needs in our product database