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DSM in Automotive

Proven benefits in starter motors

DSM is a leader in material solutions for high-performance starter motors.  Our team has years of experience and are ready to show you how Stanyl® can help you reach your goals.
Starter gear

Extreme performance

Stanyl® brings incredible benefits to starter motors and vast cost savings. Components made from Stanyl are up to 40% cheaper than those made from sintered metals and deliver. In addition,   

  • Stanyl is quieter than metal gears
  • Stanyl performs at extreme temperatures from -40°C to 125°C including peak operating temperatures of 200°C experienced during starter use or abuse
  • Stanyl is extremely durable, exhibiting minimal fatigue or wear for up to 80,000 starts for standard grades. Components made from higher grades for heavy-duty starts can withstand up to 200,000 starts
  • Stanyl resists attack from standard greases containing lithium or molybdenum disulfide

The right grade for you        

There’s a Stanyl for you depending on how much you need from your starter motors. For light and medium-duty starters (2.3 kW and less) Stanyl TW200F6, TW200F8, TW241F10 are a good fit. For higher cycle requirements such as start-stop systems check out Stanyl TW241F12 or TW278F10.

See which type of Stanyl meets your material needs in our product database.