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DSM in Automotive

Air vanes: Strong with good surface quality

Our highly reinforced plastics are ideal for air vanes – particularly Akulon® Ultrafow polyamide 6. As a result we’re helping customers achieve high-quality standards through the ability to make stronger components with better surface quality that are easier process. The result: Reduced-cost systems that look good and are kind to the environment.
View of 2 air vanes in car dashboard

Traditionally, the air vane is manually adjusted to direct air from the air vents. Increasingly the trend is towards slimmer, more intricately designed air vane components – which makes stronger better flowing plastics the perfect fit.

Our Akulon Ultraflow grades allow using low wall thickness thanks to it’s high-flow capability.

Our regular grades are already easier to mold than competitive products (including some high-flow grades), which helps reduce system costs; and our Akulon Ultraflow has set the standard for the industry with a glass fiber concentration of 50% to 60% while maintaining low warping and first class surface quality.

Akulon grades for air vanes

We offer three glass fiber reinforced grades, depending on the design:

  • Akulon Ultraflow K-FHGM35 (15% GF, 25% MF, heat stabilized)
  • Akulon Ultraflow K-FHG0 (50% GF, heat stabilized)
  • Akulon Ultraflow K-FHG12 (60% GF, heat stabilized)