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DSM in Automotive

Automotive thermoplastics for powertrain systems

Are you looking to achieve friction, weight and cost reduction in powertrain systems? The bright science behind our automotive thermoplastics for the powertrain will help you achieve it by delivering high heat performance in timing systems, oil sumps, bearing cages, FEAD systems, Dual mass flywheels, tandem bearings and crankshaft covers.

High heat resistant thermoplastics like our Stanyl® polyamide 46 are ideal for metal replacement in powertrain components for downsized engines. In fact, Stanyl is proven to perform at temperatures of over 200°C in downsized turbo-charged engines.

Achieve friction reduction in powertrain for turbo engines

Stanyl reduces friction in downsized engines. In valve timing systems, for example, it offers excellent wear resistance in the powertrain along with friction reduction that cuts fuel emissions by 1%.

Reduce weight and cost in powertrain components

If you want to manufacture lighter, tougher and easier to process powertrain components, look no further than our Akulon® polyamide 6. Major automotive brands have reduced weight of oil sumps by up to 40% versus conventional metals: A major saving in costs and fuel emissions.

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