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DSM in Automotive

Reduce friction and weight in bearing cages and thrust washers

You can increase stiffness and creep performance in the engine bearing with our Stanyl® polyamide 46. This bright science gives you high heat resistance in the powertrain (140°C and more) along with excellent wear and resistance to friction – while offering weight and cost reductions compared to PEEK.
Bearing cage held close to camera

Engine bearings made with Stanyl are proven to boost the speed rating of the bearings and reduce operating temperature, thus extending the bearing life – as well as enabling more efficient use of machinery – for example, by enabling good ductlicity at cold temperatures to avoid jamming.

Benefits of sustainable engine bearing systems and cages

Stanyl also enables more sustainable bearing cages. Which is why the material was chosen by SKF Group - one of the leading global suppliers of rolling bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems.

Now, a new generation of deep-groove ball bearings has cut energy consumption by at least 30% thanks to a new polymer cage combined with improvements in the bearing, internal geometry, and a new low-friction grease.

Improve performance of bearing systems

In turn this has reduced friction in engine ball bearings, lowering operating temperatures and extending service life.

These next-generation ball bearings are now being used in electric motors, pumps, conveyors and fans with potential for use in other applications like gearboxes and compressors.

From thrust washers to wheel bearing cages: We have the solution

  • Thrust washers: Use Stanyl TW200F6, and TW200F8 for excellent wear performance with low friction.
  • Bearing cages applied in automatic transmission boxes: Use Stanyl TW200F6, and Akulon® polyamide 6 for resistance to oils and stiffness at high temperatures.
  • High-speed train wheel bearing cages: Use Akulon S223-HPG5 is the only material certified.