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DSM in Automotive

Lighter, tougher crankshaft covers - for Volkswagen

Producing high performance crankshaft covers with lower weight and system costs is every manufacturer’s goal: KACO and DSM joined forces to make it a reality by creating a crank shaft cover based on our biobased EcoPaXX® polyamide 410 for Volkswagen.
Crankshaft cover held in hand

The replacement of aluminum in this crankshaft cover – part of the MDB modular platform for diesel engines across its Audi, Seat, Škoda, and VW brands - has been achieved with a 45% reduction in weight and system costs.

And of course lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions: EcoPaXX is 70% bio-based and made principally from topical castor beans and is 100% carbon neutral from cradle to gate.

High performance crank shaft covers

But KACO, didn’t just choose EcoPaXX for its reduced weight and biobased qualities: The material is ideal for crankshaft covers thanks to very good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, along with excellent toughness.

Improved processing in crank shaft covers

KACO uses a highly-energy efficient production cell to boost processing efficiency by molding the crank shaft cover, but also integrating two separate seals. The first is placed into the mold by a robot with EcoPaXX overmolded onto it; the second is then molded directly onto the part using a 2K process.

The results: crank shaft covers with zero material waste and even greater energy efficiency.

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