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DSM in Automotive

Reduce friction and replace metal in FEAD systems

Manufacturing a high heat resistant Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) just got easier. Our Stanyl® polyamide 46 helps you achieve weight and cost reduction and is ideal for high performance FEAD systems, elastic belts, belt tensioner bushings and damper elements/pulleys.
Two men discussing a fead system

Stanyl is increasingly being used by the industry to replace aluminum in FEAD systems – and in particular for the tensioner within the FEAD drive.

Sandwiched between the aluminum housings in the tensioner, Stanyl provides the necessary wear resistance and noise reduction – along with excellent chemical and heat resistance in an area exposed to dirt, rain, under-the-hood grease and oil, and engine heat.

Stanyl is especially effective when used with Dual Mass Flywheels – which require more damping and movement of the tensioner, potentially causing higher temperatures and wear (hence Stanyl).

Longer lasting cords in the powertrain

In automotive cords, Stanyl provides both weight and cost reduction (and even makes robot assembly possible) - by withstanding extreme noise, vibration and harshness and extending the life of the engine. Our Stanyl KS411 grade, for example, is today enabling manufacturers to reduce creep in automotive cords compared to polyamide 66 while being more stretchy than PET cords.

Longer life automotive pulleys that retain their shape

If you’re looking to produce automotive pulleys that keep their shape and last longer…then our high-flow Akulon® Ultraflow polyamide 6 is ideal.

Akulon Ultraflow has lower molding injection temperatures compared to polyamide 66, which means less temperature loading of the bearing being overmolded and thus a longer lifetime for the pulley itself.

Reduced temperatures, faster cycle time and part production and improved processing are just some of the benefits Akulon Ultraflow can give you.