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DSM in Automotive

Automotive plastics for oil sump

Reduce weight, cost and carbon emissions in the oil system by using our Akulon® polyamide 6 for metal replacement in this most critical powertrain component.

Hybrid oil sump systems made from Akulon are 20% lighter than their aluminum counterparts and 40% lighter than an aluminum bed plate and silent steel oil pan.

The bottom line? An Akulon-based hybrid oil system costs 20% less than an aluminum oil sump and 50% less than a silent steel metal oil pan. And it’s kinder to the planet: Less weight also means lower fuel consumption and less carbon emissions. And a component made from Akulon can be recycled.

Automotive plastics for high performance oil sumps

Akulon-based hybrid oil sumps and pans provides dimensional accuracy, stability and strength comparable to metals.

In fact this was put to the test when we developed Akulon-based oil sumps in partnership with Ford Motor Company and component manufacturer MANN + HUMMEL. The prototype system survived being struck by ball bearings (simulating stones), plus a 20cm/second sudden impact test.

And one added benefit: System engineers can make and integrate components with familiar molding techniques, saving time and boosting productivity.

Plastic-based oil sumps: A bright future

Now, we’re increasingly working together with customers at the earliest stages of the design process to create oil sump systems that truly break the mold. Perhaps integrating the oil sump to filter and suction pipe?

For example, Peugeot is now using Akulon Ultraflow, our high-flow, reinforced polyamide 6, for its new, injection molded oil sump, manufactured by leading tier 1 supplier Steep Plastique.