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DSM in Automotive

Greater efficiency and less friction in roller bearings

Rolling bearings with high mechanical property retention and excellent resistance to wear and friction? No problem, with our high heat resistant Stanyl® polyamide 46, now being used successfully by leading industry name, Schaeffler Group

Stanyl is now enabling a new generation of high efficiency rolling bearings by reducing the high sliding friction traditionally associated with this key component.

Reduce drag torque in roller bearings

Through a unique set of thermal, mechanical and wear resistant properties, this unique automotive plastic reduces both drag torque and Coefficient of Friction compared to traditional tapered roller bearings. The result: Longer service life (due to less heat being generated) and an increase in fuel economy of 1.5%. Good for people, planet and profit.

High performance roller bearings with Stanyl

Schaeffler Group is in agreement. Says Michael Claassen, Director of Engineering for Schaeffler Automotive Chassis Systems Group: “The tandem is a good example of Schaeffler’s path forward for high efficiency bearings. The Tandem delivers a significant improvement in overall efficiency when compared to traditional tapered roller bearings.