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DSM in Automotive

Reducing friction in the engine timing belt: Calculator

Current EU legislation is supported by a penalty system whereby each excess gram of CO2 emission per kilometre incurs a penalty of up to €95 per car supplied to the European market. So, if for example a car exceeds the limits by 20 grams, the total penalty comes to €1900 per car. If any additional incentive were needed to preserve precious fossil fuels, this is most certainly it.

Bright science in the engine timing belt: How much could you save?

Do you design engine timing chains? If so, we have a useful tool for you. Below you can find all the details on why and how Stanyl® polyamide 46 enables you to reduce friction in timing systems. Even in lubricated conditions, both internal and external test show the improvement in friction reduction when replacing polyamide 66 in slide shoes with Stanyl polyamide 46.