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DSM in Automotive

Safety: Of paramount importance

There is nothing more important to our customers and their customers than safety. That’s why for the past 20 years we have developed a range of automotive materials that perform better for longer than metals and most plastics – yet also deliver commercial, environmental and design benefits.
Blown airbag in test car

Systems produced by our customers save tens of thousand lives every year and we are proud to contribute to that with our products.

Whether it’s airbag containers, brake tubes or the brake booster system itself, our materials and expertise bring one critical quality to the automotive industry: Reliability.

Safety systems need to be predictable, reliable and 100% dependable. That means zero variation in performance for components that have to work as hard - and in conditions as harsh - as any in the vehicle.

Whether it’s our award-winning Arnitel® TPC or the industry leading Akulon® polyamide 6, our thermoplastics operate in extreme conditions. And most importantly, they do this for the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

Beyond safety

Aside from reliability, our solutions are compelling for manufacturers because they increase efficiency and productivity in tough market conditions.

Our plastics are far lighter than metals and offer increased mechanical performance where it counts. This means components can be reduced in weight or size – and in some cases completely redesigned – often with entire steps (like vulcanization) removed.

In addition to lower system costs, there’s also a major environmental benefit. Production processes with less chemicals mean lower carbon footprint; and lighter vehicles that consume less fuel lead to reduced carbon emissions.