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DSM in Automotive

Strengthening the heart of the braking system

The Brake Booster Valve Body really is the ‘heart’ of the braking system – and therefore needs to operate reliably and faultlessly for the lifetime of the vehicle. Our Arnite® A is enabling customers to make it happen: This thermoplastic has been used for more than 20 years without a single reported fault and is now integrated in over 300 million vehicles worldwide.
Detail of a Brake Booster Valve Body

Our Arnite A is a 35% glass-fiber reinforced polyethylene terephtalate resin that brings toughness, durability and excellent dimensional stability inside the body and/or the control housing itself – in fact it has been shown to perform reliably over more than one million brake cycles.

The material is perfect for the challenging temperature range found in Under The Hood (UTB) applications at low and high temperatures; and is resistant to the various greases, oils and other harmful fluids found in the engine.

Saving money (and the environment)

Arnite A offers the most cost-effective alternative to thermo set resins. The material has exceptional dimensional stability and strength, which means you can design parts with thinner walls…which are therefore lighter.

Post-molding operations are simply not needed with Arnite A. Furthermore, the product specifications are controlled within extremely narrow ranges - which leads to excellent process stability and consistency in product quality, which in turn improves productivity and drives down costs.

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