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DSM in Automotive

Stanyl® Polyamide 46: Driving change in automotive

Stanyl is a high-performance polyamide 46 that retains its mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 230°C - long term. Successfully specified for automotive applications for almost 20 years, Stanyl offers excellent stiffness at elevated temperatures plus extended fatigue endurance and outstanding wear resistance.

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Increasingly, automotive components need to perform at a high level - and at ever higher temperatures. Stanyl is fast becoming the material of choice for many automotive applications such as under-the-hood components because of its ability to outlast metal and other traditional materials.

In fact, Stanyl is proven to perform at temperatures in excess of 230°C. It provides excellent resistance to wear and low friction and equally good abrasion resistance for moving parts – all of which makes it an ideal replacement for PPA, PA6T, PA9T and often PPS and LCP.

The higher the temperature, the tougher the environment and the more vibration…the more value you get from the performance of Stanyl.


How and where is Stanyl being used in today’s automotive market?

  • Air management & turbo system solutions that deliver high temperature resistance for inlet elbows, charge air ducts, charge air cooler end caps, exhaust gas valves, and fuel supply pumps
  • Electrical innovations that enhance reliability and productivity in e-motor parts, magnetic actuators, torque motors, gears, sensors, and connectors
  • Chassis Suspension solutions for metal replacement in gasket carriers, top mounts, and window sleeves
  • Lighting possibilities that offer durability and performance for lamp fittings, lamp sockets, and connectors
  • Powertrain options that help decrease weight, withstand high temperatures, and consolidate parts for timing systems, front end accessory drives, clutch systems, bearing and thrust washers
  • Safety system advances for reliable safety restraint systems and braking systems

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