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DSM in Automotive

Die-cast replacement

Die-cast replacement for automotive
Die-cast replacement for automotive

We all know the advantages of metal replacement: weight reduction, freedom of design, functional integration and, above all cost savings. Significant weight savings—sometimes by as much as 50% or even more—can be achieved by injection molding parts designed specifically for ForTii. Total part costs can also be reduced, often by 20-30%.


ForTii retains its high stiffness and strength, even in high-temperature, high-humidity environments. It also exhibits outstanding dimensional stability over a wide temperature range and keeps its impact strength at low temperatures. This makes it very suitable for the use in highly loaded structural parts, where normally die cast metals are considered.

ForTii MX series

ForTii MX grades show better properties than existing PPA materials in terms of mechanical strength and toughness across a broad range of temperatures. Grades are available with glass fiber reinforcement ranging from 30 to 50%. ForTii MX (PPA) combines the best of two worlds - best mechanical performance (especially impact strength) in combination with high dimensional stability at ambient elevated (100°C) and high temperatures with limited influence of moisture