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DSM in Automotive

The game changer: ForTii®Ace

“With ForTii Ace, DSM is taking an important step forward into metal replacement territory, enabling OEMs to replace metals in applications that have been too challenging up to now,” says Konraad Dullaert, Global Business Manager for ForTii at DSM

The extreme high aromatic of ForTii Ace (over 50% weight percentage) results in a unique set of properties:

  • Linear and stable mechanical performance up to 150°C
  • High peak temperature resistance up to 320°C
  • Superior chemical resistance compared to PEEK
  • Easy and robust to process

Target applications for ForTii Ace include cross beam bridges, structural oil pans, long engine mounts, and various transmission components.

ForTii Ace is available in range of different grades, tailored to your specific application needs. Our glass filled materials are: GF30, GF40 and GF50.                   

Curious to this new material: Download the fact sheet or product datasheets...and we are very interested to learn your specific metal to plastic challenges.