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DSM in Automotive

Services in the automotive market

We offer you a range of services at every stage of the product lifecycle. This includes application support (from conceptualization through to troubleshooting) and design & process engineering – supported by the latest technology like Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). Most importantly, we do it consistently, with easy access, wherever in the world you may be…
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Application support

When it comes to application support you need a joined up approach. Application development isn’t always predictable. Projects, processes and people can overlap – which is why it pays to have a trusted and flexible global partner like DSM, able to see the big picture and provide consistent support around the globe.

We bring value to three key phases of application support:

Conceptual development:

We will work with you to take an idea from its earliest concept through to drawings – creating a solution that can be carried forward.

Application Development & Technical Services:

We don’t just understand our products and materials. We also have a deep-seated knowledge and understanding of the automotive parts they help create – along with the underlying processes. Here we help you refine and improve your solution through to mass production.


We support you during the production process, helping to solve problems and find more efficient ways of working.

Design & process engineering

We support you to avoid unnecessary time and expense by using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) to find flaws at the concept phase – and then work with designers, molders, tool makers, and equipment suppliers, to give design and CAE support through to prototyping and performance testing.

Structural analysis:

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a key area where we validate new designs as well as troubleshoot existing prototypes. We perform linear, non-linear, and modal analyses for our automotive customers.

Optimization tools:

If you’re just starting the design process and only have design space and loads determined, our powerful optimization tools will tell you where to build strength into the part and perhaps even explore new design options.

Process simulation:

We use the latest software to help tackle processing problems – and particularly for mold-flow analysis. We optimize gate locations, balance runner systems and determine molding machine tonnage requirements. We can help troubleshoot (short shot or gas trap conditions, material degradation issues); as well as provide advanced mold-flow capabilities include cooling and warpage analysis.

Automotive specifications and approvals

We have a comprehensive approval list that features a broad spectrum of OEMs.

We are always happy to support our customers by attaining further material specification and approvals at the OEM level.

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