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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Traditional lighting

For traditional light sources it’s all about the continued drive to reduce costs, improve logistics and facilitate shape shifting. At DSM we have a proven track record in helping customers achieve all three (and more)…
Female hand holding an energy-saving light bulb in the air; green leaves on the background

For non-LED light sources we offer a unique combination of qualities: Our Arnite® material offers proven performance at a competitive price. To put that into perspective, our materials have been used in many millions energy saving lamps worldwide to date – for customers including Philips, Havells Sylvania and, Osram..

Arnite offers a wide range of benefits including electrical and thermal resistance, color stability, high flame retardance, dimensional stability, and excellent mechanical properties. All of which make it ideal for these types of lighting applications.

And all this is supported by our localized manufacturing through facilities in India and the Netherlands.