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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Low voltage switchgears

We offer you a unique combination of materials, design, application development and general technical support, from production inception to the industrialization stage across the full spectrum of Power Distribution (PD) applications.

Our solutions are proven and based on the nuances and regulatory demands of the many local markets we serve around the world (from UL/NEMA to IEC/EN).

We’re fully backwards integrated in every major market we serve – which for our customers equates to better time-to-market at optimum cost and efficiency.

This is coupled with a comprehensive service offering: From material selection and design specification to rheological, mechanical and thermal CAE, to building and testing the molds to extensive after-sales support.

So, what can we do for you today?

Miniature circuit breakers

Row of miniature circuit breakers

We offer a broad and proven portfolio of solutions for internals, cases and covers. More>

Molded case circuit breakers

Close-up of a male hand holding a circuit breaker; Another man standing in the background

High-quality materials and application knowledge equals high-quality products. More>

Industrial control gear

Man scribbling on a notebook with an Industrial Control Gears device in the front

From enclosure materials to bobbin supports to contact armature to small exterior parts. More>


Close-up of man holding an ultraterminal block; red socket stands aside on the table

From sockets or switches we’re helping our customers move to thermoplastics. More>


Close-up of a photovoltaics held in male hands above a table

This exciting new area of power distribution has huge potential. More>