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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Industrial control gear devices

In Industrial Control Gear devices (ICGs) like contactors, surge protection devices, thermal relays and motor starters, we’re helping our customers make the move from thermosets to thermoplastics - or indeed find better thermoplastic alternatives - with a unique and innovative portfolio of materials tailored for local markets and supported by our team of experts on the ground.
Man scribbling on a notebook with an Industrial Control Gears device in the front

This is a high demanding business – which is why for this group of industrial and institutional devices we aim to help our customers deal with generational changes and new product designs. We can help you choose the best material for your needs and optimize the performance or costing of the product for key functional applications.

We have a portfolio of solutions for the most demanding applications (and indeed customers) – ranging from the housing to the internal functional parts.

From enclosure materials to bobbin supports to contact armature to small exterior parts, our family of advanced thermoplastics are ideal for demanding ICG applications.

The right products

Whether it’s our tough, versatile Akulon® polyamide 6; the ultra-heat-resisant Stanyl® polyamide 46 and 4T; or our super flexible Arnitel® copolyester elastomer, we offer customers products that are halogen-free and greener than many current alternatives – a key consideration as carbon footprint becomes a bigger issue.

Our thermoplastics offer economic benefits through improved processing (through injection moulding, for example) and reduced cycle time with lower production losses. They also enable you to design smarter ICGs with thinner walls and lower profiles. And of course we’re able to partner with you to help drive performance improvement – longer functional lifetimes or cost-down. The bottom line: Plastic components are more compact and can be more easily integrated with other parts, thus simplifying the design process.

All this is supported by an expert global team, available on the ground, with detailed knowledge and experience of the electrical industry, its applications and challenges.

It all adds up to a unique, high-quality offering for ICGs.