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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

From high to low

Whether it’s High Temperature (HT) wiring or Low Temperature (LT) wiring, we have the materials, knowhow and track record to help you take this application to the next level in the years ahead…
A high-temperature electrical heating element held in male hands above a table

From refrigerators and ovens to sandwich makers, HT & LT wiring is essential. Now we can offer a viable alternative to traditional materials in the form of Arnitel® C – a copolyester elastomer.

It’s proven to perform long-term at 150 degrees C for HT wiring and 105 degrees C for LT wiring, meeting appliance wiring standards UL/CSA and AWM 758; as well as offering a VW-1 flame rating.

In fact, we’ve conducted extensive cable tests demonstrating the performance of Arnitel C in various UL 758/1581 categories, including tensile strength, elongation at break and flame retardance.

And importantly, it’s a sustainable solution. It’s recyclable and it’s plasticizer free – providing a major advantage as carbon footprint moves higher up the global agenda.

How does it compare?

The Arnitel solution for HT & LT wiring can also realize major savings: A 50% reduction compared to FEP/ETFE; and a 30% reduction against SR – one major reason for this being that there is no needs for special extruders. Furthermore you can reduce weight by anywhere from 15 to 30%

Meanwhile the product itself looks and feels better. Arnitel C has a good tactile quality, it’s slim, flexible, and has excellent molding adhesion.

In short, we believe it’s the future for high temperature appliance wire solutions.