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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

ForTii in power connectors

Industry trends such as miniaturization, integration or “thinnovation”, combined with the move towards Cloud Computing, will mean that areas such as the server market will depend increasingly on reflow soldering assembly technology. The required power supplies to drive each of these systems can easily reach 500V or more. As a consequence, plastic materials used in such server systems will need to meet stringent electrical, thermal and mechanical characteristics. DSM’s ForTii® shows exceptionally high performance characteristics with a very balanced profile on all of these requirements.

Most international connector manufacturers are applying the technology extensively and are developing various types of power related connectors. One proven example is Stanyl ForTii in energy card connector. ForTii® excels in mechanical strength and the material outperforms other high temperature polyamides or liquid crystal polymers at the wall breakage test. As a unique engineering material, ForTii flame retardant resins meet UL94-V0 classification, even down to wall thicknesses of 0.2mm, meeting not only the specifications of customers for today, but also for tomorrow.