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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

The greener choice

As our track record shows, we can support you in the design, development and production of your LED solution. We have proved ourselves to be leaders in materials for sustainable LED thermal management.
Close-up of male hand holding a LED housing; 2 complete LED lamps laying on the table

So why should a manufacturer consider replacing metal and regular plastics in their LED lamps, modules, housings and heat sinks? The truth is that next-generation plastics like our Stanyl® TC offer a wide range of benefits.

Stanyl TC offers you the opportunity to drive down the integral cost of your LED applications. It can be processed in a similar way to other thermoplastic materials – which means that complex heat sinks can be produced at many locally available injection moulding companies within seconds.

Compare this to traditional die aluminium casting technologies, which impose a complex production process not well suited to the high volume low cost production requirements for LED lamps.

Furthermore, Stanyl TC also offers you thermal conductivity while securing electrical isolation – this enables new lamp and module designs that can drive down the temperature of the electronics or decrease the integral cost of the product.


Then of course there’s the issue of sustainability. The need to reduce the environmental footprint of LED manufacturing is growing every day. By substituting plastics like Stanyl TC for metal in a heat sink it’s possible to reduce carbon footprint susbtantially.

It’s why a growing number of lamp manufacturers are using Stanyl TC – and all supported by our global team of application experts who work side-by-side with customers on development and production, wherever in the world they may be.