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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Injection molded heat sinks for LEDS Downlights

Our Stanyl® TC high-heat resistant thermoplastic is enabling a new generation of automotive LED heat sinks that are significantly lighter than aluminum, with a reduction in carbon footprint of up to 85%. Which is why Osram chose our unique polyamide 46 for its new LEDVANCE family of LED downlights.
Osram LED downlights keep cool with thermally conductive Stanyl TC polyamide 46 from DSM

Stanyl TC has proven ideal for heat sinks – the housing that draws heat away from the LED light source – because of its ability to be quickly and efficiently injection molded into complex geometries. In turn, this helps create smarter components that deliver the long-term thermal management (up to 14 W/mK) needed to meet stringent performance standards.

In fact, Stanyl TC not only provides excellent thermal conductivity but also delivers outstanding mechanical qualities - including strength, stiffness, and impact resistance. But this is only half the story…

Reduce weight, costs, and carbon emissions with injection molded LED heat sinks

In the case of Osram, Stanyl TC has achieved all this while also reducing the weight of the heat sink by some 50% compared to aluminum - with even greater reductions in carbon emissions.

And because of its high flow and excellent moldability, Stanyl TC makes heat sinks far easier to manufacture, with shorter cycle times – and thus lower systems costs: For example, because no after-treatment is needed after de-molding.

The bottom line: LED designers now have a genuine alternative to aluminum when it comes to providing greater design freedom and lower weight - without compromising on safety.