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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Our plastic makes your antenna thinner and lighter

Antennae need to be thinner, structurally sound and lighter. This is especially important given the proliferation and increasing integration of components – and the trend towards higher frequencies. And ideally they are able to integrate LDS components and increase the amount of frequency bands…
Thinner and lighter smartphone antaennae

Integrated electronics and LDS

To make this particular type of magic happen, you need a special material capable of making the very most of the limited available space: ForTii®. Furthermore, plastics used in structural parts of smartphones need to have a low moisture absorption ensuring good dielectrics and hence high antenna efficiency.

ForTii addresses key industry trends like convergence and aesthetics and gives you added design freedom through its high stiffness, solid mechanical performance and low moisture absorption.

The ForTii Eco LDS grade is an ideal material especially for the production of antennas for mobile electronics. Parts made in ForTii Eco LDS62 have very good dielectrics, good surface quality and high mechanical robustness. The total package of properties provided with this grade is superior to any other LDS grade in a competing polymer.

More than materials

So is now the right time for you to Make Magic with plastics?

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