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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Make magic with plastic: Earphone cable that looks, feels and performs better

The ideal earphone cable delivers the lowest noise, even when rubbing against cloth, skin or cable; it retains its crisp, box-fresh look and feel; it resists everything from water to human sebum; and it does this over (and beyond) the life of the warranty.
Thermoplastics for earphone cables with silky touch and feel

To make this particular type of magic happen, you need outstanding UV and chemical resistance – which our Arnitel® XG material delivers, supported by our industry-leading design expertise.

Arnitel XG is a halogen-free thermoplastic with a silky touch and a stylish appearance. Yet it’s tough: Delivering the best chemical and UV resistance in the industry for ear phone cables.

More than materials

But innovative materials are only part of the picture. We also know how to apply them, working hand-in-hand with the world’s leading brands, OEMs and cable providers in detailed application design and development. Our material science centers include a team of people who know electronic products (and how they are manufactured) inside-out.

So is now the right time for you to Make Magic with plastics?