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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

The ‘smart’ solution: Xiaomi chooses ForTii® for next generation frame splitters

Frame splitters are a critical component of smart phones because they help provide a reliable signal for the user. So when Xiaomi was choosing a material for frame splitter design in its next generation of phones, it looked no further than ForTii®, our halogen-free polyamide for the electronics industry…
Frame splitter

Xiaomi - the larger supplier of smart phones in China – chose ForTii for its new Mi4 model because of the material’s ability to integrate seamlessly as part of the exterior metal frame design and provide greater functionality. In particular, the outstanding mechanical properties and heat resistance of ForTii provide the strength and toughness needed to cope with continuous pulling and dropping of the phone - performing over and beyond user expectations.

ForTii is also providing several other important benefits to Xiaomi: It has very high flow, thus enabling easier processing. The material also has excellent color stability and a classy look and feel – increasingly important for users. And ForTii is also a more sustainable choice, scoring well in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and with a high recycling content – absolutely key for the electronics industry.

As Xiaomi has proven, ForTii is increasingly the ‘smart’ choice for intricate electronics applications.