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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

AC cable wire

If you’re looking for a viable, safe and strong performing alternative to PVC for use in AC cable wire then look no further. Our Arnitel® XG is today being used by some of the world’s respected electronics brands for this application – with good reason.

The key to the AC cable wire application is to use safe, sustainable and cost efficient materials. Arnitel XG delivers on all counts in wire and cable – and more.

It’s halogen and plasticizer free and contains no restricted substances. In fact it's both European and UL compliant, offering excellent mechanical properties, flame retardancy and of course the ability to perform safely and consistently at extreme temperatures. But that’s only half the story: Arnitel XG is also stain resistant, has good color ability (including the ability to go to very light colors) and good surface finishing.

Meanwhile, from a processing standpoint, switching to Arnitel will cause minimum disruption because the material is compatible with the same machinery and tools used for PVC or polyolefin extrusion.

This is why we’ve worked with some of the world’s major electronics brands over the past five years, supported by a global service team that understand the challenges of our customers.

Are you ready to consider a change?