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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Make magic with plastic: Stronger, sturdier audiojacks

The ideal audiojack connector must have the strength to cope with multiple insertions, extractions and general wear and tear. And….it needs to deliver this over (and beyond) the life of the warranty…


To make this particular type of magic happen, you need Stanyl and ForTii® - materials that delivers outstanding mechanical strength with good processing (high flow) qualities.

In fact we conduct our own testing and research to determine the strength of audiojacks made from Stanyl and ForTii. Our insertion/extraction test, for example, aims to ensure that the component meets the IEC 60603 directive of a minimum 5,000 cycles of insertion/extraction without malfunction.

However, we go way beyond this: Due to its outstanding mechanical strength, Stanyl and ForTii outperform competitive materials for jacks by up to four times - enabling 20.000-plus insertion/extraction cycles.

More than materials

But innovative materials are only part of the picture. We also know how to apply them, working hand-in-hand with the world’s leading brands, OEMs and ODMs providers in detailed application design and development.

Our material science centers include not only a team of people who know electronic products (and how they are manufactured) inside-out. It supports them with technology and equipment that delivers major efficiencies for our customers. For example we can simulate how heat is spread across a connector; and we perform a battery of tests for the manufacturer covering insertion/extraction, blockage, sideways pullout, and electrical continuity.

Furthermore, our materials are increasingly sustainable. For example, ForTii scores well in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and has a higher recycling content – absolutely key for the electronics industry.

So is now the right time for you to Make Magic with plastics?