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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Proven performance in Samsung S2  


Comfort and color play a very important role in the design of today’s wearables. DSM’s Arnitel answers these two key topics when used in relevant applications such as strap.

Samsung Electronics chose Arnitel (TPE) compound for the Galaxy Gear S2 strap because of its excellent physical and chemical performance: Arnitel gives the strap superior soft touch and feel and is very comfortable to wear in direct skin contact, it causes no allergic reactions. Arnitel is resistant to perspiration and to the various oils and other liquids.

Furthermore, the material is easy to process via injection molding, and due to intrinsic properties can be used in 2K/ hybrid overmolded structures with other thermoplastics such as polycarbonate, ABS, PET, PBT and others . The intrinsically bright Arnitel polymer, together with its high UV resistance, enables the production of compounds in a broad range of colors, including ultra-white.

Beyond that, Arnitel’s biocompatibility is certified according to USP Class VI and ISO10993 standards. As a collaborative innovator who works with leading wearable device manufacturers worldwide, DSM recognized early how critically important it would be to ensure our Arnitel materials were evaluated for prolonged skin contact. The regulatory compliance validate our customers' confidence in their selection of Arnitel materials for skin contact applications, and enable them to leverage many other high-value performance properties they offer to market.