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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Stanyl Polyamide 46: If you can’t stand the heat…

Stanyl® is a high-performance polyamide 46 that retains its mechanical properties at temperatures of up to 230°C - long term. It offers excellent stiffness at elevated temperatures plus extended fatigue endurance and outstanding wear resistance. All of which makes it ideal for a wide range of E&E applications like connectors.
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Increasingly, electronic components need to perform at a high level - and at ever higher temperatures (in excess of 230°C). Stanyl is therefore ideal thanks to its ability to outlast metal and other traditional materials.

This, combined with excellent creep resistance (essential for applications like connectors), good pin strength and excellent all-round toughness mean that Stanyl is now being in used on everything from PCB connectors to sockets - where our ability to deliver halogen-free grades is helping the industry reduce its carbon footprint.

The trends towards miniaturization and thinnovation are of course set to continue in E&E. The higher the temperature, the more demanding the environment…the more value you get from the performance of Stanyl.

Stanyl TC

If you’re looking for a high-performance, thermally conductive thermoplastic products, look no further than Stanyl TC. It provides wide range of thermal conductivity which may suit your needs!