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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Bright Minds

At DSM we’re proud to have a diverse team of bright and curious people around the world who are passionate about what they do. We would like to introduce some of our bright minds to you.  

Raul Perez Graterol

Meet our bright minds: Raul Perez Graterol is DSM’s scientist in halogen-free material development. Meet Raul>


Yi-Bin Huang

Meet our bright minds: Yi-Bin Huang is DSM's R&D Director, Performance Materials Research Center, China. Meet Yi-Bin>


Rui Zhang

Meet our bright minds: Rui Zhang is DSM’s technology manager for electronics. Meet Rui Zhang>


Ine Cox

Meet our bright minds: Ine Cox is DSM’s Regulations and Agencies Specialist. Meet Ine>

Irene Colicchio small

Irene Colicchio

Meet our bright minds: Irene Colicchio is DSM’s Sustainability engineer. Meet Irene Colicchio>