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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Scientist Story

Yi-Bin Huang - R&D Director, Performance Materials Research Center, China 

As R&D Director, Yi-Bin Huang has made an enormous contribution in developing DSM’s material science center in Shanghai. Today this center is one of the core facilities where we bring competences, capabilities and test facilities together. 
Yi-Bin Huang

What is the biggest game-changer to impact your field of work?

Sustainability! An example is the sustainability of the flame retardants used in the Electrical & Electronics industry. Due to concerns about potential health hazards, halogen-containing flame retardants are now being phased out and replaced with halogen-free flame retardants. However, the overall performance of currently available halogen-free flame retardants is still inferior to those containing halogen. So, halogen-free flame retardants that can match the performance of their halogen-containing counterparts would be a real game-changer.