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DSM in Electrical & Electronics

Competence: Halogen-free flame retardants

Technological progress has led to an explosion in the number of electronic devices in use worldwide.

Consequently, the amount of e-waste has also increased.  Since many electronic appliances contain substances that are of hazardous concern, it has become necessary to find solutions to the growing e-waste problem.  Currently, the most challenging substance we are faced with is halogenated materials. DSM is at the forefront of developing and producing advanced and sustainable halogen-free electronic materials for our customers and their products.

Moving away from using halogens

The electronics industry is facing growing pressure not only from regulators but also from consumers who want to ‘go green’. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly important to eliminate halogen, red phosphorous and other non-sustainable (or even harmful) materials from electronics production. Currently, the focus is predominantly on stopping the use of halogenated plastics, which have been used for some time in electronics because of their flame-retardant properties.

As the 2010 ChemSec report shows, the transition to halogen-free flame-retardant solutions is technically and economically feasible. At DSM, we’re proving that this transition is indeed possible by becoming one of the first chemical companies to offer a full range of halogen-free products for use in electronics.

The challenge

The challenge is clear: To produce a halogen- free, sustainable materials for electronics industry that deliver performance - without compromising either safety or freedom of design.

Over the years, DSM has developed a deep understanding of the fundamental mechanisms that give halogens their flame-retardant properties – and what their alternatives are. Our insight into the factors that govern the flammability of thermoplastics enable us to overcome the technical, performance-based, and cost challenges involved.

DSM’s innovations

This has made it possible to develop new bromine- and chlorine-free high-temperature plastics that are capable of meeting specific flame-resistance requirements. The output from our research has enabled many innovative solutions on both a conceptual and practical level, which can be found in our extensive halogen-free portfolio.

Thanks to our work, many important innovations have been possible in the electronics market, such as ultra-thin, high-temperature UL V0 material and or materials with higher Glow Wire Ignition Temperature (GWIT) at end use part level.. Our halogen-free solutions can be found in a diverse range of products, for both the electronics and the electrical industry. DSM is dedicated to remaining at the forefront in developing safe, efficient, and sustainable products, together with our partners in the industry.

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