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Our innovative high performance plastics are developed to meet a wide variety of technological challenges in automotive. Browse these pages to learn more about how our industry experts, scientists and engineers work hand in hand with our customers to develop next generation solutions.


High Performance Plastics for ECUs

When it comes to a vehicle’s braking system…failure is not an option. Electronic Control Units (ECU) activate and control the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) along with other critical systems. This means they must have the toughness to withstand high heat and humidity, salt spray, thermal shock, and vibration. And that’s why manufacturers are turning to Stanyl® polyamide 46…

Stanyl is increasingly specified for this application thanks to its superior strength and good flow properties that enable the mass production of components with thinner walls resulting in lighter parts – a critical need as the electrical content of the car increases.

The Stanyl portfolio includes grades that allow for easy laser weldability – qualities well suited for many electrical applications, including the components used in charging stations for e-vehicles.

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EGR sensor

Automotive | Auto Electronics & Electricals | ECUs, Inverters

ForTii® PA4T and Stanyl® PA46 allow for reliable solutions due to their high melting point of 325 and 295 °C resulting in no deformation at very high sensor tip temperatures and to their resistance to erosion from contamination in the exhaust stream; ForTii® PA4T and Stanyl® PA4 allow for cost effective solutions versus PEEK, LCP or other PPA

EPS Sensors

Automotive | Auto Electronics & Electricals | ECUs, Inverters

Arnite® PET allows for reliable solutions due to its extremely high dimensional stability compared with PPA and PA and due to its very tight GF specifications allowing very tight tolerances on the parts

Positition Sensor

Automotive | Auto Electronics & Electricals | ECUs, Inverters

Stanyl® PA46, ForTii® PA4T, Akulon® PA66, Akulon® PA6, Arnite® PBT allow for reliable solutions due to high temperature resistance, high toughness levels and good electrical insulation properties; Stanyl® PA46 allows for cost effective solutions due to a better flowability and processability than PPS and PPA enabling therefore thin wall designs; ForTii® PA4T allows for reliable solutions exposed to very high peak temperatures due to its melting point of 325 C