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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

DSM at IFT USA 2018

Event details:

16 Jul 2018
End Date:
18 Jul 2018
Chicago, Illinois
In attendance:
DSM Food Specialties and DSM Nutritional Products at Booth S2849


IFT brings together the most creative minds in the science of food and technology to collaborate and learn. The goal is to inspire and transform collective scientific knowledge into innovative solutions for the benefit of all people around the world.


At this year’s IFT, DSM will showcase a range of products and solutions that enable better and healthier meals and snacks at every moment of the day. With innovative new prebiotic, vitamin, enzyme, texture, taste, coloration and sugar reduction solutions in its portfolio, DSM will demonstrate ways food and beverage manufacturers can cater to the demand for healthier, tastier options at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between meals.

DSM will be presenting its acrylamide reduction solution, PreventAse®.This solution helps food producers reduce acrylamide formation by up to 95%, depending on its application. DSM will also be presenting its solution ModuMax®, a natural, allergen-free, clean label taste modulator for food products and beverages. It helps restore a preferred taste profile in recipes that are lower in sugar, salt, and fat or have added nutrition, such as protein or substitutes, such as high intensity sweeteners. In addition, DSM will be presenting its ingredient BasetexTM, a yeast-based, natural ingredient that intensifies savory taste profiles, provides fullness, mouthfeel and harmonizes the flavor profile.

At IFT, DSM will also feature a new prebiotic, called AmpliVida™. AmpliVida is a new xylo-oligosaccharide naturally sourced from organic-certified, non-GMO, high fiber sugar cane grown in the Imperial Valley of California and processed in Arizona using only pure water. It is selectively targeted by beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract without promoting the growth of unfriendly bacteria. It also has a low effective dose of 1-4 g/serving - making it easy to formulate in a range of applications and minimizing the common side-effects of other prebiotics such as gas and bloating.

DSM aims to enable healthy diets for everyone, providing ingredients and solutions that enable customers to make great tasting, healthier, and more sustainable food and beverage products. DSM believes that better food and beverage products should be affordable and accessible to more people – today and in the future. The company is therefore proud to contribute to the creative processes of our customers and help customers develop great tasting, nutritious, healthier, and more appealing food and beverage products that are safe and sustainable.

Food and beverage manufacturers who would like to book a meeting with one of DSM’s product experts can contact their DSM strategic account managers or come by the booth at S2849. Learn more at

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