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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

BakeZyme® Go Pure - Master your flour, control gluten strength

The use of a glucose oxidase during the dough making process is well known within the bakery industry. Most common glucose oxidases on the market originate from Aspergillus sp. Recently, DSM developed a new glucose oxidase originating from Penicillium chrysogenum, called BakeZyme® Go Pure. BakeZyme® Go Pure allows for the dough to become elastic, maintaining its ability to stretch and creates new opportunities to use glucose oxidase as a tool for replacing chemical oxidizers (such as ADA or Bromate) or in applications such as frozen dough.

Download this paper to learn about the benefits and applications of Bakezyme Go Pure.

Download this paper to learn why Bakezyme Go Pure is an effective alternative to chemical oxidizing agents in baking.

Download this paper to learn about the market need for frozen dough and how Bakezyme Go Pure can help you cater to these needs.

BakeZyme Go Pure