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Fast and accurate analysis of residual lactose

Biomilk 300: for accurate determination of residual lactose levels

Imagine if you could know the precise residual lactose level in your dairy products within three minutes - at every moment in the process, and with a sensitivity of 0.01%. Biomilk 300 is an analysis device that enables you to achieve all this and more – providing a quick and efficient route to market and shortening lead times in the booming lactose-free segment.

Accurate analysis with short lead times

Biomilk 300 consistently delivers results in less than three minutes at every stage of production, giving you the peace of mind so essential for effective quality control – and ensuring the targeted residual lactose level has always been safely reached.

Biomilk 300 also enables you to get your product to market faster, with an attractive cost-in-use.

Easy-to-use analysis of lactose

Biomilk 300 also works with a range of lactose-free and low lactose dairy products. It delivers analysis results for a large variety of samples (anything that can be pipetted) directly onto the screen with no laptop or special skills needed; and while this device is easy to use, the DSM dairy team is always on hand to provide advice– wherever in the world you may be.

In fact, with the global demand for lactose-free and low lactose dairy continuing to skyrocket around the world, Biomilk 300 is the perfect complement to our Maxilact® lactase solution  -which delivers a clean taste and enables you to achieve low residual lactose levels (< 0.01%). Biomilk 300 is recommended for use with Maxilact®.

  • Fast results: In as little as three minutes, guaranteeing short lead times
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Accurate & reliable results: Biomilk 300 has a high sensitivity and detects residual lactose levels lower than 0.01%
  • A large variety of samples,everything that can be pipetted can be analyzed
  • Easy to use: No extensive lab skills needed
  • Supported by DSM’s dairy experts, worldwide.




Our lactose-free portfolio for milk, ice cream, whey drinks, yogurt.