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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Natamycin: Preventing mold

When it comes to preventing yeast or mold in processed food we put powerful ingredients to work for our customers – not least natamycin and pimaricin. This natural preservative protects your food while reducing waste and extending shelf life – and it’s easy to use. 
440-Prevent mold

Preventing food waste

When it comes to preventing food waste and getting to grips with fungi like yeast (microscopic fungi that grow as single cells) and mold (all species of microscopic fungi) you want to be in safe hands: Especially when you consider there are more varieties of fungi on the planet than any other species.

Delvo®Cid is one very effective solution we’ve developed, based on our 45-years of innovation with its active ingredient, natamycin. This tasteless, colorless and odorless ingredient is effective in the smallest quantities against all molds and yeasts on food. In fact just one kilogram of natamycin can actively treat 10,000 Gouda cheeses.

Bacteria, yeast and mold: Harmless or harmful?

  Yeast Mold
Beneficial - Saccharomyces in beer, wine and bread
- Torulaspora in black olives
- Penicillium in blue cheese or camembert
- Rhizopus in Tempeh (a soy bean product)
Harmful/spoiling - Candida in yogurt
   (gas formation)
- Debaryomyces hansenii and Kluyveromyces in white cheese (taste and flavor deviation)
- Penicillium on cheese and bread (cosmetic)
- Aspergillus flavus in food (producing harmful aflatoxins)

Where yeasts are essential to food production processes - like beer and bread making - we can help you identify and destroy different fungi including the non-toxic micro-organisms that grow on your product and cause spoilage through off flavor, taste or smell.


thumb-Cheese protection


Anti-mold & -yeast products for cheese preservation

thumb-Fermented milk protection

Fermented milk products

Extend shelf life in fermented milk products

Baking protection


Prevent yeast & mold in baked goods 

thumb-Meat protection


Preserve meat with our Natamycin solutions

Beverages protection


Replace sorbate in unpasteurized drinks





Protects food against bacteria, mold and yeast with natural preservatives

DelvoCoat small


Cheese coating preservative based on natamycin



Protect your dairy products and extend shelf life



A natural cheese ripening method with no coating needed