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DSM in Furniture

Formaldehyde-free wood adhesive

Unlike traditional wood veneer adhesives, NeoPac E-850 resin is free of formaldehyde and phenol. This one-component system is suitable for interior flat and three-dimensional (3D) veneered wood including form bending.

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NeoPac™ E-850 formaldehyde-free polymer system developed for wood furniture

With no hazardous components, NeoPac E-850 is friendly to producers of adhesives and wood, furniture manufacturers and consumers. During the production process, no toxic waste is generated.

No special application methods are needed to achieve excellent performance. The laminated wood will have very good moisture resistance, won’t delaminate even when in a bended design and has an attractive surface finish.

NeoPac E-850 meets IKEA regulations for formaldehyde-free content as well as IKEA performance standards for wooden furniture constructions:

  • Formaldehyde-free;
  • Excellent adhesion to wood;
  • Optimized hardness and flexibility balance;
  • Good water and fatigue resistance;
  • Compliant with IKEA standards.

A market leader in wood products has recently developed a plywood prototype with more than 80% lower emissions of formaldehyde than its already compliant plywood. DSM’s unique technology helped make it happen.

Formaldehyde release standard (mg per m2 per hour)
EN 717-2 < 3.50
ASTM E 1333 < 0.70
CARB <0.68
New plywood with DSM technology 0.04