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DSM in Medical

CID Vascular using DSM coating to improve stent delivery and balloon catheters

Minimally invasive surgery requires low profile devices that are easily introduced into the body and maneuvered into place. Delivering smaller devices – in particular, stents and balloon catheters – creates a challenge. CID Vascular therefore approached DSM to identify and supply a biomaterial that would assist the device in its delivery through the tortuous vascular anatomy.
CID Optima Jet DES


CID collaborated with DSM, using our innovative coating technology to enhance the performance of delivery systems for its implantable interventional devices. First, DSM offered a novel materials-based solution – our ComfortCoat® hydrophilic coating for the stent delivery system, which helps physicians guide the stent easily and precisely. Next, the DSM ComfortCoat® hydrophilic coating was used on the shaft of its latest balloon catheter, advancing device deliverability further and providing access to the most distal of lesions, easier and smoother.