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DSM in Medical

Sunshine Heart uses DSM polymers and fabrication technology to perfect its heart assist device

Sunshine Heart wanted to develop a ventricular assist device to help the heart pump more effectively in patients with moderate to severe heart failure. Their C-Pulse® implantable device incorporates a balloon cuff that is placed around the aorta and inflates/deflates in synchronization with the patient’s heartbeat. They came to DSM to identify a biomaterial that would be an essential element in the balloon design, which needed to be extremely durable and able to maximize pliability for safe placement around the artery.
Sunshine Heart C-Pulse


Sunshine Heart engineers relied on DSM - and our proven polymers and innovative technology - to come up with the right combination of polymers and a fabrication technique for manufacturing the balloon component of the heart assist device. The resulting product was cycle-tested for an equivalent of five years and demonstrated exceptional durability. A feasibility study of the C-Pulse was completed in 2011; initial reports indicate that patients experienced statistically significant improvement in heart failure classification and quality of life.