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DSM in Medical

Oncology: Aiding in the identification and treatment of cancers

DSM works closely with medical device manufacturers to create innovative patient-oriented oncology solutions.
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Customized biopsy markers enhance visualization

Our collagen technologies are adaptable for use in collagen-based biopsy markers that can be implanted for future identification of tumor location. We provide an added level of versatility with our ability to control porosity and density which allows us to customize each marker for visualization while working with x-ray, ultrasound and other imaging technologies.

Scaffolds to localize cytotoxic drug delivery

DSM is pursuing other innovations that tailor our scaffolds to deliver cytotoxic drugs locally rather than systemically. These scaffolds may also offer the ability to deliver multiple pharmacologic agents at different delivery rates.

Through physician-informed innovations such as these, DSM is better able to engineer and deliver pragmatic tools to greatly aid in the development of medical devices and drug delivery systems for the identification and treatment of cancers.

  • Collagen-based biopsy markers
  • Localized drug delivery

Collagen materials and technology - More>

  • Purified collagen
  • Solution and slurry processing
  • Collagen blending and compounding
  • Multiple configurations (sheets, putties, injectables, gels, three dimensional shapes, coatings, fibers, and powders)

Porous Tissue Matrix™ technology

  • Open-cell/interconnected pore structure
  • Granules, blocks, sheets, cylinders, etc.
  • Delivery of biologics, drugs, cells, etc.