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DSM in Medical

DSM in the news 2011

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The legacy of biomaterials in medicine

December 2011 - Here, Marc Hendriks, R&D and technology director at DSM Biomedical (Maastricht, Netherlands), describes his thoughts on biomaterials' role in orthopedics and cardiovascular devices. More>

Drug-delivery technologies show some backbone

October 2011 - Design of a successful drug-eluting device relies on selecting the appropriate delivery platform and avoiding common engineering pitfalls. Motivated by the success of such products as drug-eluting stents (DES), the medical device industry is delving deeper into the exploration of drug-device combination products that enhance patient care by delivering a one-two therapeutic punch. And as the market potential and clinical need for these devices continue to grow, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the medical device industry may soon be struggling with a serious drug addiction. More>

Developing a system to reduce post-endoscopic medical complications

July 2011 - In December 2010, Ovesco Endoscopy USA (Campbell, CA), a subsidiary of Germany’s Ovesco AG, announced FDA approval of its over-the-scope-clip endoscopic clipping system (OTSC®), for the treatment of gastrointestinal hemorrhage and for endoscopic digestive organ wall closure. The OTSC system® represents a new class of endoscopic clips that provide significantly more strength and better tissue capture compared to conventional clips delivered through the working channel of the flexible endoscope. More>

Spotlight on biomaterials: Implantable-grade fiber

June 2011 - Dyneema Purity ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber is designed for use inside the body during surgery or over the longer-term lifespan of an implant. Available in white or blue designs from DSM, this 100%-colored implantable-grade UHMWPE fiber offers surgeons the benefit of contrast and differentiation by helping to address confusion of multiple suture strands. More>

DSM Biomedical and Dyneema advance material products

June 2011 - DSM Biomedical (The Netherlands) has agreed to grant FH Group (Erie, PA) license to use the Bionate PCU polymer in lumbar and cervical disc replacement products. The polymer was chosen for the LP-ESP lumbar replacement and the CP-ESP cervical replacement devices because its elastomeric quality enables the implants to mimic the motion of the human disc. More>

Walking the med-tech Red Carpet

April 2011 - A story about DSM Biomedical (Berkeley, California) that appeared in Thursday’s issue of Medical Device Daily drew a comparison between companies like DSM and the film industry’s production crew that works behind the scenes adding invaluable elements to help make the movie a success but are much less recognized and appreciated than the starring cast members. So just for fun let’s imagine what it would be like if the med-tech industry had its own televised version of the Academy Awards. More>