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DSM in Medical

Vitoss® Scaffold FOAM™ Products

Flexible and ultra-porous collagen and ceramic composites

VITOSS® Scaffold FOAM™ material may be loaded with fluids such as bone marrow aspirate or blood to assist in the healing response. The flexibility of the VITOSS® Scaffold FOAM™ material makes it suitable for manufacture in several configurations:

  • The VITOSS® Scaffold FOAM FLOW™: the first ultra-porous flowable scaffold that can be administered in minimally invasive surgical procedures to repair bone defects.
  • VITOSS® Scaffold FOAM™ Shapes: shape-specific materials for specific surgical applications, such as total joint revision grafting and bone containment.

This resorbable beta-tricalcium phosphate is currently manufactured by Stryker.

VITOSS® Scaffold FOAM™ products are manufactured by DSM and exclusively sold by Stryker®. VITOSS Scaffold FOAM, and FOAM FLOW™ are trademarks of Stryker®.